Examples of different images for different screen sizes in Episerver
New add-on

Boost Episerver websites with Responsive Images

User friendly add-on for improving the appearance and performance of Episerver websites.

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Screenshot of Episerver with DAM and external images integration

Use any DAM

You can use images uploaded in Episerver, or images from a DAM such as Digizuite, Canto, Cumulus, Bynder, Celum, QBank, or ImageVault.

Additionally you can use images from services such as iStock, Unsplash, and Flickr.

Use one or more simultaneously, with a single consistent user-friendly UI for searching and uploading images.

Screenshot of automatic image cropping in Episerver
AI-powered image analysis

Smart cropping

Images are automatically cropped around the most engaging image content, producing an image that fits the website design perfectly.

Of course any image cropping can be fine-tuned with precision, for absolute control of the end result.

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Screenshot of adaptive images in Episerver edit mode

For web editors

Web editors can easily optimize different images and their cropping for different screen sizes.

Users choose whether to use a single, auto-cropped image for all devices, or fine-tune for each screen size individually.

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Screenshot of adaptive images in Episerver edit mode

Easy to get it right

Helpful features make content work more fun and less time-consuming.

Users no longer need to remember what the correct image sizes are, or manually create web-specific assets.

Screenshot of automatic image size validation in Episerver
User-friendly and fool-proof

Always the right size

No risk of stretched, distorted, blurry, or wrong-sized images.

Images are automatically validated to ensure they match the website design's intended image sizes.

Graphic of source images being automatically optimized
Lightning-fast Performance

Optimized for any device

Images are automatically optimized for any device type to maximize quality while minimizing bandwidth.

No need to rely on own competencies or tools for creating web-optimized images.

In combination with a global CDN, page load times are significantly lowered, improving both user experience and SEO.

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Works anywhere

Ready for Digital Experience Platform

Fully compatible with Episerver Digital Experience Platform and on-premise setups.

The add-on is certified by Episerver and part of Episerver Marketplace.

Screenshot of adaptive images in Episerver edit mode
Developer delight

Easy to implement

Web developers use familiar Episerver development techniques for creating and rendering adaptive image properties.

Everything is well-documented with plenty of code samples to get going in no time.

Evaluation version is available for free through the Episerver NuGet feed.


Affordable and predictable pricing for any Episerver website.



For evaluation, no commercial use.

  • 1 website
  • Episerver images
  • Unsplash images
  • CDN trial (optional)


€ 4 500
and € 900 annually

Start using only Episerver images.

  • 1 website
  • Episerver images only
  • CDN support
  • E-mail support


€ 8 500
and € 1 700 annually

DAM integration and improved performance.

  • 2 websites
  • DAM integration
  • Advanced CDN
  • E-mail support


€ 25 000
from € 5 000 annually

For large-scale image-centric websites.

  • Unlimited websites
  • DAM integrations
  • Onboarding workshop
  • Priority support

Key features

Capabilities that allow for evolving requirements.

For users

Simplified content work

  • Use DAM images directly without need for web-specific assets
  • Upload to DAM from within the Episerver UI
  • Automatic cropping towards image motif
  • Easy-to-use manual scaling and cropping to correct sizes
  • Automatic validation of image sizes
  • View or edit image metadata from inside Episerver
  • Automatic scaling of images according to site design
  • TinyMCE support
For site owners

Futureproof and predictable

  • Multi-CDN support for maximum performance globally
  • Any DAM system can be integrated
  • Support for parallel DAM systems simplifies transitioning
  • Continuous add-on development assures future compatibility
  • Add-on developed by publisher directly
  • Add-on can be removed without losing data
  • Expert services available for integrations or support
  • DXC-compatible and certified by Episerver
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